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If you are seeing this page and intended to go to a specific web site, you may need to refresh your DNS cache (cash). The web DNS cache stores websites addresses to make your web browsing faster. On occasion you can get a corrupt or incorrect location for a web site "stuck" in your cache.

Below is a simple step you can do to get to the web site you are trying to reach.

Clear DNS Cache

Go to Start >  Click "RUN" and type in "command". It opens a black window. this is called a "Command Prompt". from here you can issue commands to your computer. type in ipconfig /flushdns and hit enter. It should offer you a confirmation "Successfully flushed the DNS resolver cache"

You're done, type exit and hit enter to close this window. Restart your web browser and test the location.

If this is too complex, the absolutely simplest method is to simply restart your computer.

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