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Welcome to Dr. David Dryland's website. Yale-trained rheumatologist and fibromyalgia expert David Dryland is committed to changing the way the world thinks about fibromyalgia. It took decades for the medical community to accept fibromyalgia as a legitimate diagnosis. Even today, many in the medical community are operating under the mistaken assumption that fibromyalgia patients have to live with their symptoms.

Fibromyalgia is not an incurable disease. It is no longer a painful and mysterious syndrome that you have to accept as a life sentence of pain and fatigue. You can recover from fibromyalgia, as long as you work on the causes.
There are no easy answers. In these products you will learn to cure fibromyalgia. All patients have to work on medical causes with their physician, work on stress, and usually take some medication, especially for sleep.

The Fibromyalgia Solution
Dr. Dryland's first book, The Fibromyalgia Solution, was published in May 2007.
The Fibromyalgia Solution is the first book that definitively explains the causes of fibromyalgia and what you can do to recover. Read patient reviews or download a free chapter.
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